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I'm Michelle and I'm 20. Currently in third year medicine, studying in Australia.
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Getting into king of the nerds

I can’t even handle how bad this show is

But I can’t stop watching

What is going on like how did people even think it was a good idea to air this show ever

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So today I got a library delivery with toasted muesli, yoghurt, berries and chia seeds :3

And now I’m off to an engagement party yolo swag

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Happy Friday everyone :-)

Off to a 21st woooooo IT’S FRIDAY

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Anonymous: what should i wear to a 90s party?


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Anonymous: Hey Michelle! Do you think i should enrol in a course for UMAT? I already have some practice papers :)

i personally think the courses are a waste of money

oops did i just say that

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"You are a chapter in my book, but I’m merely a sentence in yours" — (via m-eowsex)

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"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it." — Eckhart Tolle (via cosmofilius)

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Anonymous: i've been following you since you were 16... now you're 20. lolllolololol. its been ageeeeeeessssssss

Yes I do realise that I have owned a blog for a long time omg like >4 years how even

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Anonymous: dear michelle!! I was wondering if you knew how am I supposed to go about with my literature review assignment? I know the basics - like introduction, summary of the articles and conclusion, but I dont know how to go abt doing it. my topic is isolation and purification of (protein) from cyanobacteria. is there any examples from which I can refer to for this assignment? sorry to ask you, knowing how busy you are T_T only reply whenever convenient!! thank you!!! :-)

I am in the exact same spot as you - I have a lit review due in a few weeks and I have zero idea what to do HAHAHA I haven’t even picked a topic yet.

I’m struggling with the “literature review” component - like.. do I criticise articles or what I don’t even know waaaaah

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Anonymous: I think you're really pretty :-) haha

Thank you :3

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I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

It’s almost as if every effort I make for just things in general to progress has a very exact structure: there is a glimmer of hope, quickly followed by its demise and ultimate futility.

I honestly don’t think I have a grasp on what’s happening at all and I hate it. I feel like I need regain control of what I know in order to lay some solid foundations down and organise my life, because right now the mess is unbelievable.

And, of course, I know that’s what I need to do.. but again, you can’t control what you want, even if it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum. The discrepancies between intentions and actions are so subtle, yet so definite and the repercussions seem to sneak up on me.

Human nature sucks.

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Tgif :-)))))

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Yay concert time :-)

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SO I had uni from 8-4

And then rehearsal and a 21st

My weekend is also absolutely packed

I’m going to die this weekend :(

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Things I hate: pimples

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